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This site was originally conceived by Paul Nagel and Tim Ashmore and launched in October 2009. Since then Tommy Nielsen and Daniel Gellatley have joined the team.

Our research is on-going and we appreciate any contributions that help in our aim to provide the definitive online guide to United's kits. The site is constantly updated with information from a host of regular contributors.

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The evidence for the kits on this site

All of the kits we feature have been extensively researched and we are confident of their authenticity.

Where we have been unable to find contemporary evidence we have made assumptions and these are noted in the text.

Keeping on line

We originally used photographs as evidence for the kits we feature, but received a substantial demand from Associated Sports Photography, who run the website, for the use of several images.

It was never our intention to infringe copyright and had asked copyright holders to contact us if we had inadvertently done so, and we would remove the images immediately. Unfortunately this was not sufficient for ASP who aggressively pursued their claim.

We appealed for donations to meet ASP's demand and are extremely grateful to all those who have donated - they have helped keep on line.

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Latest news and site updates

April 4th 2014

Denis Hurley has contacted us regarding the shirt worn in the second half against Arsenal in 1999/2000 - apparently the shirt was numbered but did not have Bosnich's name on it. We have updated the goalkeeper kit page for 1999/2000.

With a project of this size we will make the occassional mistake or typo. If you see any please let us know so we can correct them. A couple of errors on the 2008/09 pages spotted by James Burke have been corrected, and the kit worn in the game at Porto added.

February 25th 2014

The remaining graphics of the shirt numbers for the goalkeeper kits (1974-1992) have been added to the site. Daniel has worked hard to identify both the style of the shirt numbers as well as previously undiscovered kit variants.

February 5th 2014

We have been sent a couple of photos of a replica Admiral change shirt from the mid-Seventies by Tim Stevens. Rather than a black trim it is red! The shirt and Tim's story can be seen here. Meanwhile if you have any information on the replica shirt please contact us.

January 27th Weekly Update

Daniel's graphics of the keeper numbers for the seasons from 2000/01 to 2013/14 have been added to the site.

Daniel has also completed his research of the goalkeeper numbers worn between 1974-1992, and we are looking at including his new graphics for this period in the coming weeks.

Daniel has also discovered photographic evidence that the first adidas home kit (without the sleeve trim) was worn in a testimonial at Celtic Park in August 1980. As an experiment both teams included the players' names on the backs of their shirts for the very first time. See the 1980/81 page.

January 10th Weekly Update

Daniel has researched the style of the shirt names/numbers on United's goalkeeper shirts since the inception of the Premier League in 1992/93. We will be adding Daniel's graphics of the keeper numbers over the next few weeks, but have already completed the seasons from 1992/93 to 1999/20000.

Unfortunately the lack of photographs of United's 'keepers pre 1992 may make it impossible for us to include the gaolkeeper shirt numbers prior to this date.

January 7th 2014 Design improvement for smart phones

We have made slight alterations to the design to improve the display of this site on mobile devices. Most of the pages have been updated but the process is on-going. Please let us know if a particular page or section is difficult to view on your smart phone.

January 1st 2014 Happy New Year!

A happy New Year to all our readers. The kits and stats for the 2013/14 season have been updated.

November 10th 2013 Weekly Update

Tim has designed a new wallpaper to mark United's 20th Championship and it is available as a free download.

Tim has also been talking with Mark Wylie at United's Museum and we have corrected our earlier update on United's kit worn in the first game at Old Trafford against Liverpool in 1909/10. United DID wear their normal home kit in this match.

Finally Sean Moran, quickly becoming our resident Seventies expert, has identified several more of the games which we had been missing United's kit, including new change kit variants from 1972/73 and 1979/80, as well as several corrections to our earlier identifications. He's also found a photo from Martin Buchan's testimonial that's allowed Daniel to have a stab at the shirt numbers for that game.

Previous updates ...

Read the previous weekly updates in our archive.


The kit worn in United's last match... featured kit

... versus Everton on April 20th in the Premier League. United lost 2-0.

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The Outfield Kits outfield kits

The kits worn by United's outfield players are listed by season - the home, change and third kits are included along with variants.

The kits worn in cup finals and other big games, or to commemorate trophies are included in their appropriate seasons.

The Goalkeeper Kits goalkeeper kits

United's goalkeeper's kits are listed separately from the outfield players.

The kits are grouped into periods rather than season by season.As with the outfield players the home, change, third and special kits are included.

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The kits worn in post war testimonials for United players have their own pages which can be found in the Testimonials section.

We focus chiefly on testimonial games played at Old Trafford.The kits are grouped together in periods rather than by season.