2012 IPO Shirt
New York Stock Exchange

The Glazier family released 16.7 million shares onto the New York Stock Exchange on August 10th 2012 in an initial public offering (IPO). The issue raised around $234m although this was far below the original estimate of $330m. Half of the proceeds were used to reduce the crippling club debt which was created when the Glazier's took control of United in 2005.

United's owners had to postpone similiar plans to list the club in Hong Kong and Singapore after the IPO's failed to attract sufficient demand. The listing in New York valued United at $2.3bn and made them the most valuable football club in the world. It was also the biggest sports listing on record, surpassing the World Wrestling Federation's $190m IPO in 1999.

Traders at the New York Stock Exchange were given specially embroidered United home shirts on the day of the IPO launch. Our thanks to contributor Wu Yuanjie who submitted photographs of the shirt.

2012 New York IPO shirt