Season 1907/08
original illustrations of the kits worn during the season

Home Kit
Change Kit

The Season in brief

Few teams could live with United's attacking flair and defensive strength in the autumn and early winter of 1907. Mangnall had made two important close season signings, Jimmy 'Trunky' Turnbull and George Stacey.

Although neither played in the season's opener, a 4-1 victory at Villa Park, they were both in the side that thumped Newcastle, the current Champions, 6-1 at St. James' Park in October.

The team had lost just once by the turn of the year and led the table by an astonishing ten points. The Championship was effectively over and a League and Cup double seemed within their grasp.

Drawn at Second Division Fulham in the F.A. Cup quarter final, their luck deserted them. A blocked defensive clearance flew past Moger in United's goal. Halse equalised but United squandered chance after chance before Fulham scored again.

The defeat had a devastating effect on the team. Whereas they had lost just three games in twenty six, they were beaten in five of their final twelve matches. Nonetheless they won the title on April 11th, with five games to spare.

United retained both their home and change kits, although a new sock variant was introduced - two white bands at the top of all black socks, probably as a replacement for the blue banded socks.

The new socks can be seen in a photograph taken during United's game against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in late September, although they may have been worn before this game.

As in previous seasons players would probably have worn both types of socks in the same game, and with both home and change kits.

Our other evidence comes from the squad photograph taken prior to the final Reds versus Whites public practice match, watched by 6,000, in August. As had become the custom all receipts from the two games were presented to local charities.

From contemporary photographs it seems that United's first choice goalkeeper Harry Moger continued to prefer wearing the same shirt as his outfield team mates, rather than the heavier woolen jerseys of previous seasons. He frequently wore a collared undershirt however. Herbert Broomfield, the reserve 'keeper, can be seen wearing a thick woollen shirt with a roll-neck under his shirt in the squad photograph taken at the public practice game.